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Social Responsibility

TDA is a company with a strong social vision and a sense of corporate responsibility. It is closely affiliated with the Te Doy Foundation, a US-based charitable organization created under the law of Florida in 2015 that recently attained its section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. The Te Doy Foundation ( provides goods and services to vulnerable and marginalized populations in developing countries, initially focusing on health and education, with a view towards empowering and improving the life of such beneficiary populations in a sustainable manner. Approximately 10% of TDA’s profits go to financing the operations of the Te Doy Foundation, with a priority in the countries in which and with the beneficiary populations for whom TDA is working. The Te Doy Foundation is currently financing several educational projects, including one to improve access to education and provide assistance to orphaned students at the Mringa Primary School in Ngaramtoni, Tanzania and another to provide logistical and other assistance to economically disadvantaged Afro-Colombian students in Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia.


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