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Company Description

TDA is a for-profit enterprise, incorporated under the laws of the state of Florida in 2012, but only initiating its operations in 2015. It currently has 100% owned affiliates in Colombia and Guatemala, with plans to establish other offices and affiliates in the near future in other Latin American countries and others, as needed.


TDA operates pursuant to an innovative management by project structure, pursuant to which strategic alliances and partnerships are formed on a project-by-project basis, which permits a broader spectrum of participation and an on-going input of fresh ideas in the context of the project at hand. These strategic alliances and partnerships are formed with individual investors and consultants, private for-profit and not-for profit companies and organizations, and non-governmental bodies and generally last throughout the execution of each particular project.


Our current team members have over 30 years of experience in designing, executing, supervising and monitoring the execution of international development projects in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia in the fields of rule of law, access to justice, human rights, transparency and anti-corruption, health, education and institutional strengthening, among others.

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