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Mision, Vision and Values



Provide high-quality technical, management and other consulting services in the areas of rule of law, access to justice, human rights, transparency and anti-corruption, health, education, institutional strengthening, procurement and management of projects, among others, to our clients, including governmental and non-governmental entities, private companies, charitable and non-profit organizations, and international, multi-national and other donors, to facilitate sustainable, empowering and effective development and institutional growth in our areas of expertise.



Be a highly respected consulting services provider by its strategic partners, clients and beneficiaries and an internationally recognized expert in facilitating sustainable and effective development in a broad range of areas, with a broad network of alliances and partnerships at the worldwide level.



  1. Honesty

  2. Transparency

  3. Adaptability

  4. Creativity 

  5. Enthusiasm

  6. Integrity

  7. Social Responsibility

  8. Cultural Sensitivity

  9. Commitment to sustainability 

  10. Collaboration 

  11. Excellence

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